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Canadian Genealogist, specializing in Scottish and English ancestry

Researching ancestors who came to Canada or the United States from the UK

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35 years experience in doing family history searches.

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I don't have much information on my family history. Can you still find my ancestors?

The more information your provide me, the easier it will be to find them! It helps if you ask older members of your family like grandparents, or other elder members of your extended family. If you have names, birthdates and places, I can certainly try my best!

How much will the research cost?

Every research project is different. Sometimes a client is only looking for the answer to one question like - "where exactly was my grandfather born?" Other times I'm hired to do a complete family tree project which can take months. 

How do I know if these facts are true?

As a professional genealogist, I am required to follow the Standards set out by the BCG (Board for Certification of Genealogists).  All information is backed up by source citations. 


Remember that no matter how thorough research is done, information is not always available. It may not have been recorded. A baptism may not have been done or the records have been destroyed in fires, floods or war. Every effort is made within the time allotted to find what you are looking for!

**I am able to do French Canadian Research.

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